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Everyone wants a fulling sexual relationship, but most people don't know how to create this and are settling for less. Passion and sexual fulfillment do not have to dissipate and fade. Intimacy and happiness can be restored. However, being a great lover is not something you are born with; it is learned and developed.

Knowledge and skill are still the best aphrodisiacs and what you need to know is easy to learn and do. Fortunately, there are many resources that will allow you to discover how to create the sexual relationship you want and desire.

Most problems or difficulties in sexual functioning and fulfillment occur in one or more of the following areas.

Areas of Difficulty

Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns
There are many aspects of our romantic and sexual relationships that can be problematic. Most can be significantly improved with appropriate education and skill development exercises.

Sexual Aversion
Being fearful and avoiding sexual interaction can be because of such things as sexual trauma or abuse, dyspareunia (painful intercourse), or anorgasmia (woman's inability to relax).

Hypo or Hyperactive Sexual Desire
Having a lack or no desire for sex or an excessive sexual drive and compulsive preoccupation with sex can cause many difficulties in a sexual relationship.

Arousal Disorder
Male difficulty with getting and or maintaining an erection and female difficulties in becoming and or staying aroused are the most common concerns.

Orgasmic Disorder
With males, this may include premature or delayed ejaculation, whereas, with females, it may be the absence of or difficulty in experiencing orgasm.

The easiest and most effective way of creating the type of sexual relationship or level of sexual functioning that you want and desire is with the help of a highly trained and experienced sex therapist. Dr. Bill Martin is a Life Coach, and Certified Sex Therapist. He received his (BS) Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia State University. His (MS.) Master of Science degree from Pepperdine University and his (Ph.D.) Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology degree from International University.

He has trained with and modeled world leaders in the fields of psychology and sex therapy, such as Drs. Masters and Johnson and Drs. Hartman and Fithian are pioneers in the field of sex therapy. Dr. Martin's extensive knowledge and expertise enable him to pursue his life purpose of helping others to be healthy and happy in their every life endeavor and to create the romantic and sexual relationships they want and deserve.

To take the first step in creating the ideal sexual relationship or level of sexual functioning you want and deserve,

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