Life Plan Development

Discover Your Passion & Live Your Life's Dream

Life coaching is a mentoring type process in which an individual is encouraged to assess all aspects of their life and identify where they want to be within a given period of time in each of these areas. It is different from psychotherapy in that the life coaching process assumes the individual is relatively healthy and balanced, and the focus is on improvements towards peak performance and the ideal vision held by the individual.

Psychotherapy focuses on correcting deficits and dysfunctional patterns while striving to create balance and stability in one's life. The Life Coaching process allows you to discover your passion in life and to live your life's dream by creating and maintaining fundamental shifts in the way you view yourself and your life that permeate over time. Most people who go through this process believe it is the best investment of time and money they have made in their life.

To explore the possibilities available to you and develop a life plan, contact Bill Martin, Ph.D. and schedule an initial evaluation.