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Our marriage, family & children are a few of the most important aspects of our life, and it would seem reasonable that we would be taught throughout our lives how to create happy, healthy relationships in each of these areas. Unfortunately, this does not usually happen. Most of us model these relationships on what we have experienced in our own families, observations of others in life or on television, what we have been told or read, and what we think we want or need. Since 1978 I have observed these relationships are often based on a lack of awareness of what a healthy relationship truly is, outdated or ineffective relationship patterns, unrealistic expectations, incorrect assumptions, distorted perceptions, and conclusions we form. I have found it helpful to assist individuals in looking at their current significant relationships and developing a clear and shared vision of an ideal relationship in each area.

After establishing and agreeing on the relationship, they want to create, we assess each aspect of the relationship to determine what is working and what is not with regard to achieving our outcome of an ideal relationship. The changes needed to develop the desired relationship are then prioritized, and change strategies are identified that allow for the ideal relationship to be created in the shortest period of time with the least amount of effort. Usually, this takes the form of education and skill-building. If you have an interest in creating healthy, happy significant relationships in your life, contact us now @ +1 (949) 248-7377 and schedule an initial relationship assessment.

-Bill Martin, Ph.D.