Personalized Programs


Everything we create our own reality by what we choose to focus on and what we tell ourselves and believe, about what we perceive. On this 12-session program you will be taught about your perceptions as well as your perceptual distortions assumptions you form and act on which may
not be true. We will explore irrational beliefs, cognitive distortions and what our decision making and problem-solving paradigms are. You are utilizing which may not be effective on ideal life.


In this 12-session program you will learn the different emotions you experience and the language of emotions so you can understand with clarity what each emotion is telling you. We will explore the true function of our emotions and how to make them work for you instead of
seeming, in the case of uncomfortable emotions, to be working against you. In addition, we will explore motional decision making us cognitive decision making.


Our behaviors are a direct result and reaction to our behaviors quickly developed information patterns and we habituate to these to form strategies most of us are using are not as effective or successful as we would like them to be. You will learn how to upgrade the strategies you are now using to more effective strategies of function and to model success strategies that allow us to create what we ideally want in our life.


Most of us that are parents learned how to parent by example through our parents. Unfortunately, even though most parents had good intensions and did their best they learned through trial and error and much of what we learned from our parents and practiced as parents
ourselves now been proven to be less effective than we hoped. There are tried and proven parenting strategies that can assist us in being the best parents and in this 12-session program we will explore the 4 reasons most children act out or rebel, how to motivate our children to strive for excellence and purse their passions, how to have a positive influence on guiding our children down the right paths, how to make better decisions, improve their communication and socialization skills how to excel in school and recreational activities to select an acceptation
they are passionate about and to create the best friendships and romantic relationships by giving them the knowledge and teaching the skills that will allow them to become the best version of themself, independent and truly and happy and fulfilled


Relationships are the most meaningful and impactable aspects of our life and yet few if any of us have been taught or know how to create a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Th divorce rate in the US is staggering and more romantic relationships fail than succeed. In this 12-session program you will learn the basics of a healthy relationship, how to create a blueprint for your ideal romantic relationship the knowledge and develop the skill to maintain your ideal relationships. You will learn about the most important skill in any relationship, which is communication as well as how to become a better message sender, listener and how to resolve communication conflicts. You will learn at partner section, relationship upgrades and make in your romantic relationship so that the longer it lasts the better it is and the happier you and your partner are.


Most of us are confused @ spirituality. What it really is and how to become more spiritual, at one with all things and to find peace and tranquility in all that we do each day. Discovering and becoming more aware of the true spiritual being that we are creates a new and exciting level of existence and functioning that most of us have not previously known. On this 12-session program you will learn about spirituality, your spiritual self, how to be with all living things and nature and how to live a fulfilling life based on positive intensions.